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. as it moves across the mountains, it fizzles out for the most part. a little action in martinsburg and frederick county. 61 degrees. there's a strong west wind at 16 miles an hour, so it feels a little cooler. we are seeing fifties across the region for the most part. 57 in manassas and frederick typified in gaithersburg at this hour. high temperatures this afternoon in the '50s through the mid- atlantic. cooler air behind the cold front. he will not feel a huge difference in temperature is between today and tomorrow despite the clearing and despite a cooler breeze coming in from the west. we are tracking a strong storm in the southwest that will be moving into the plains states tomorrow and could bring blizzard conditions to colorado to kansas and nebraska and iowa and wisconsin. rain and not snow for us. partly sunny isolated showers possible to the north and west. otherwise breezy today. 58-62 degrees. tonight, mostly clear, 28-35. wednesday looks really good with sunshine and 54 degrees. the cold front approaches on thursday bringing the chance of showers thursday afternoon. it
, that was average. you can see a little bit of action here on the radar screen, i am blue, -- in a blue, green and yellow. we will get the worst out of the system the next couple of days. there is a warming saturday. then we will briefly cool again on sunday, just to spite again in temperatures on monday. -- just to spike again in temperatures on monday. we did a little bit of list in our atmosphere. that is what happens at the beginning of the warming trends. that could trigger an isolated sprinkle or two. our futurecast does pick up on this. montgomery county, frederick county, closer to the mason- dixon line. here is your forecast. 45 is the high temperature. quickly sliding down 330's. -- sliding down to be 30's. i think we will be in the 30's, just above freezing. warmer than yesterday's. we may have of you out morning sprinkles northwest of washington. otherwise, a dry day near 50. that is average. noticed the bumpy day temperature-wise. we will get shot down into the 40's. >> why can that not be on sunday? >> timing is not on -- timing is never perfect. >> you are too kind. >> here is
in the atmosphere to trigger that action and cooler temperatures will follow. if you did not like the start this morning we do have some sunshine in the 7 day forecast. 58 degrees. when you're to mature and to point a very close together, it that is when the -- temperatures and the dew. are close together that is when the fog happens. before in manassas. it is likely you could reach or be today's record high of 67 degrees. our record low this morning was 48. that is where our average is. this afternoon we do expect to see the highs in the mid and upper 60's. look at the warm air. boston up to 60 degrees. here is cold air on the backside. only 11 in minneapolis with a record snow yesterday of 10.5 inches. we do have plenty of cloudiness. are cold front should be moving in -- our cold front should be moving in. do not rush were you need to go. i think the roadways will be white. showers are continuing through tonight and cloudiness through tomorrow. here is your forecast. mostly cloudy skies. even some thunderstorms late today. for tonight, a few showers will be cloudy. check out your 7 day f
of the senate. house republican leaders say they will take action on whatever bill can pass the chamber. if there is a breakthrough, the legislation will not pass until the 11th hour or because house members to not return here until sunday night. abc news washington. >> new word on a potential dockworkers' strike that could cripple the nation's economy. the mediator now says contract with the longshoremen on the east and gulf coast have been extended for 30 days. thousands of workers at the port of baltimore and 14 other ports from boston to houston were ready to go on strike sunday. those ports move about 40% of the nation's container cargo traffic. we enjoyed sunshine across the region, but the big story is tomorrow's potential snow. steve rudin is here to talk about that. >> we are watching the maps right now. right now it appears we will see a little bit of snow here in the d.c. area, but not a ton. take a look at the travel forecast. no problems for indianapolis, detroit, new york city and boston. you will find absolutely beautiful conditions as you head to the center of the countr
carter abc 7 news. >> we want you to get in on the action. if you are celebrating a big victory, as a video. we want to hear and see you singing ""hail to the redskins." so e-mail a short video clip and we will play it later this week. coming up, we will check out some of the championship merchandise that is also not for sale -- now for sale. saturday's early games include the cincinnati bengals against the houston texans. and the late game is a rematch between the vikings and the packers. this one is green bay. the the ravens will play the indianapolis colts at 1:00 on sunday. and the redskins are hosting seattle at 4:30. we started out with a beautiful sunrise this morning, but the clouds are slowly creeping into the metro region. let's check in with jacqui jeras for the forecast. >> if you missed the sunrise, we caught it on our time lapse and will show it to you shortly. right now, the clouds have arrived. it still seems kind of bright, 38 degrees being the temperature in washington, d.c. our satellite picture shows the clouds will continue moving in. we could see a few spri
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5